MIMO: Minds In Motion

I’ve always found education exciting. However, in my younger years, I was a terrible student. It was unfortunate because I was interested in so much, however the route, mechanical techniques utilized in the modern education system didn’t aid in my curiosity, and it definitely didn’t assist other students. That experience left an impression on me that made me use education as the focal point of my Design School Thesis.  Minds in Motion (MIMO) was a way of branding school and a new form of education for young students to assist them in feeling the wonder and desire of learning.  

I am now working on an assortment of projects delving into psychological subjects and their relation to design including texts and analysis on mental health and education.  MIMO is one of those projects, as I will be examining the use of design in education. I wanted to continue researching this topic to eventually create products that can be used for the public good, not only for a thesis topic. As Mark Twain put it, “I never let school get in the way of my education.”