Ice Hockey In Harlem :
A Salute to Mark Messier

I was very impressed with Arnold Alaadhami’s enthusiasm in working with Ice Hockey in Harlem at our 2016 Winter Sports Celebration honoring Mark Messier.
We were in need of a graphics designer who could conceive and create our event journal. Since Ice Hockey in Harlem was honoring NHL legend Mark Messier, we wanted a professional and beautiful product to convey the importance of the event. Arnold’s work was exemplary and exactly what was needed.
Arnold is reliable, dedicated and his attention to detail impressive. Arnold multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high-pressure, deadline driven workload. Of particular value to me was Arnold’s team player mind-set, ability to work with minimal supervision and unwavering commitment to getting the job done.
During and after the event, we received unsolicited praise from supporters commending work on the event journal. Arnold is a hardworking professional. He has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information.
John Sanful, Executive Director